Why can’t servers follow standards? a.k.a Client progress

I think its time for a long overdo progress report, and I’ll get right into it with a picture!

As you can see the client is shaping up quite nicely, at least on MediaServers which are implemented properly. Sadly I must say that it’s a jungle out there, very few actually implement it properly. Seems like most just implement enough to appease the Microsoft client, shame on you! I have during this first part of the project reading the documents regarding the MediaServer:1, which is what I am aiming for, and I must say its one of the best pieces of documents I’ve seen in a long time, and yet very few implement it properly. This makes me very sad and make implementation of clients a lot harder than it needs to be.

As you may notice I have made the design choice to make the actual container structure invisible and focus on whats important in the client, the media. This is what have caused troubles in the implementation, first and foremost it can take quite some time to parse a server (which is possible to deal with by caching) but the most problematic part have been to identify duplicates. In the MediaServer standard any item which is a duplicate is meant to have a tag called refId, very few MediaServers seems to implement this feature, why I can’t understand as it ought to be a simple addition.

Next is to add support for videoitems. Later I hope to implement support for the more obscure items also like radio broadcasts, playlists and audiobooks (If anyone know a MediaServer implementing them please let me know).

Till next time, yours truly, Tobias.


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