Anyone ever wanted to watch movies from their uPnP MediaServer in Banshee? Well, I can!

After doing quite a bit of cleaning of the code I have been able to do two things, first bring performance up significantly and secondly find more than one media type on a server. I have used this to add video support to the client and it works quite well!

With this code clean it should be very simple to add other media types uPnP supports such as AudioBooks, AudioBroadcasts, VideoBroadcasts and even Playlist.

Next on the list is to add some quirk managing to further speed up parsing on servers not implementing search properly (way to many sadly). After that I’ll start tackling the server part.

Till next time, yours truly, Tobias.


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  1. This would be a separate package for banshee or it would be included in it ? How can I test ?

    • Yeah – I’d be happy to test/debug this too

    • I think the idea it will be included in core and not community extensions. However I wouldn’t be surprised if packagers would put it in a separate package.

      While its still in heavy development tests would be good. I’ll try and see if I can find a place to host it and I’ll reply again.

  2. Have you tested this with TwonkyServer as well? Since i just bought a QNAP device which is loaded with TwonkyMedia 6, which Banshee currently is unable to find, which in turn led me to this blog 🙂



    • Sadly no, I installed it on Linux but it just stated my trial had expired. Not sure if it’s a bug or intended to not be able to even trial it for a second but I was unable to test.

      If it follows uPnP specs properly it should work though, otherwise I’d need to add a little quirk (which I have done on MediaTomb and Rhythmbox with Coherence).

  3. This is really neat!

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