uPnP Client build instructions

Since I gotten a few requests about binaries and while I tried to find a host I realized that its probably better to just let those interested doing the build themselves. This to ensure we don’t get ghosts and false bug reports (due to missing dependencies and such).

So please, only try this guide if you already have tried and successfully compiled banshee git version. I’d prefer to only have to answer questions regarding my code mistakes 🙂 For those who aren’t on Linux or aren’t interested in building, the code will hopefully circle back into mainline and part of official releases soon enough.

I’ll keep the build instructions for Linux as this is my weapon of choice, it should work on Windows too (obviously built in another way) but I haven’t confirmed it yet.

First we begin by building Mono.UPnP as its a dependency of the addin, and to do that we need the code.
git clone git://github.com/topfs2/Mono.Upnp.git
Since the build patches required for package config sits in an experimental branch we will have to switch:
cd Mono.Upnp
git checkout -b extreme_clean origin/extreme_clean

Now to begin building
./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/mono.upnp-out
make install
cd ..

The prefix part is optional but lets keep it in home for now since its such experimental code, no need to pollute the system without good cause 🙂

When Mono.UPnP has been built we move onto banshee, we begin by cloning banshee and then add mono-soc-2011 fork:
If you already have banshee cloned you can skip this step, else you need to do it:
git clone git://git.gnome.org/banshee
cd banshee

Next we add the mono-soc-2011 remote and checkout the branch
git remote add mono-soc-2011 git://github.com/mono-soc-2011/banshee.git
git fetch mono-soc-2011
git checkout -b upnp_client mono-soc-2011/upnp_client

To compile we need to setup the environment needed by adding mono-upnp to pkg-config and the mono gac
export MONO_PATH=$MONO_PATH:$HOME/mono.upnp-out/lib/mono-upnp/
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:$HOME/mono.upnp-out/lib/pkgconfig/

Now we can finally begin compiling:

To run you simply do
make run
And enable the addin in preferences. You need to have the environment setup to be able to run the addin. When packagers get the code they will do the setup of the environment for you, reason we need to play this game is because Mono.UPnP is not yet packaged. For information about building banshee read http://banshee.fm/contribute/write-code/

Please let me know your results.

Till next time, yours truly, Tobias.


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  1. Thanks. I would start testing as soon as I compile it.

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