Hi my name is Tobias “topfs2” Arrskog and am a student at Lunds University, Faculty of Engineering, LTH where I study computer science.

I began my days with open source development when I used Windows Media Center and wasn’t really happy with it and decided to create a new cross-platform and free alternative. After initial coding and starting to get something which actually worked I coincidently stumbled across XBMC Media Center which just had begun being ported to Linux. As my goals where extremely similair to those of that project I began producing patches and quickly got invited to join the team. Since then I am the maintainer of a few areas of the project, mainly anything DBus related and the JSON-RPC interface. But since GSoC 2010 where I finally got the chance to work with embedded systems this is also a big part of my responsibilities.

As time have progressed and the more time I spend with Open Source development the more I am amazed by the power behind it. This is why I am so happy to have been given the opportunity to spend, with the help of Google, two whole summers (GSoC 2010 and now GSoC 2011) with Open Source development.


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